Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Miss Advised

W.O.W.  Words can't explain the insanity of Bravo's new series, Miss Advised.  I find myself constantly asking, are these women for real (namely Julia)? I literally have my jaw on the ground every time I see Julia's clips.  (And let me tell you, all I watch is reality television, so I have an extremely high tolerance for insanity.) I just can't believe these women (namely Julia) actually exist and are willing to put it on television.  Being famous isn't worth it, at least for this show.


  1. I have yet to watch this show but after reading this, I might have to check it out!

    Happy August, Marcie!:D

    - Marie

  2. I am totally addicted to reality tv. Julia is a little on the cheesy side.

    PS Congrats on your new bundle of joy- I just had a baby myself :)