Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby on the Way

I've been noticeably absent from the blog while I've been pregnant.  Between a full-time job and preparing for baby (and all the hormones and body changes that come with it), I've been tired.  Now with just a week away (and no I don't feel prepared), here is a sneak peek at the orange/grey themed nursery.  (We are having a boy.)

After countless hours of searching online for baby art, we finally decided to take a few pictures from our trips and have them framed.  There is something really fun about decorating Baby A's room with meaningful photographs, one of which includes dad!

Kauai 2010
Honolulu 2010 (that is dad!)
Cinque Terre, Italy 2011
Cinque Terra, Italy 2011
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz