Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Tired of Resolutions

If you are like me, resolutions are nothing more than lip service, or at the very most, a week-long attempt at trying to reinvent a part of myself that just won't have it. So this year, instead of focusing on all the parts of me that I need to "change" in order to better myself and my life, I am going to just embrace, support, and love me for who I am. It is so easy to be all these things to the family and friends we love, but often we lose ourselves along the way.

So cheers to not making empty promises to myself that I will
(1) Read the Wall Street Journal everyday,
(2) Stop biting my nails,
(3) Slow down and smell the roses, and
(4) Spend less time online.

Product Push: YSL

There is nothing better for my 30 something skin than Yves Saint Laurent's Radiant Touche Eclat. It instantly brightens my eyes, and is the perfect eye base for days when I don't feel like wearing very much makeup. Now that I am getting older, the "never wear makeup on the weekends" Marcie is becoming a distant memory. So little tricks like this highlighter that aren't heavy and are hassle free are absolutely a necessity.