Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feed Your Body - Veggie Juicing

Jimmy and I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night. It was inspiring, heartwarming and educational. It was inspiring to see an unhealthy truck driver turn around his health, heartwarming to witness a community change together, and educational to see how much our society neglects our bodies. The best part of the documentary was that it offered a SOLUTION! Juicing your vegetable can be tasty and help you get your nutrient rich veggies everyday! I just purchased a juicer. (And no, I am not usually the person who orders from infomercials constantly.)

This documentary is definitely worth a watch and I guarantee it will make you think differently about feeding your body!

Do you juice?


  1. I've been juicing for a couple of years now ... BEST thing ever. Every school morning, my kids either drink a glass of freshly juiced veggie or fruit juice or a green smoothie. This way I know that whatever they have the rest of the day, at least they've gotten their veggie nutrients :)

  2. I've never tried this -- but maybe it would be a good way for me to get my (dreaded) veggies in!
    xo Josie

  3. I just bought a juicer too and it is like taking vegetable drugs.

    Also I was reading that once your start juicing you will stop drinking caffeine.

  4. I heard about this! :) wow, awesome!
    I don't know about the idea of juicing my veggies, but I might just try it!

    xoxo, Bree


  5. Okay the chef is NUTS for juicing and was lamenting having fallen off the wagon just the other day. He randomly talks to strangers about it in public--that's how much he thinks about it. Anyway, I want to grab this documentary. Is it on Netflix? He'll lose his beans. xo