Friday, June 3, 2011

Florence: Hocus Pocus


When traveling in Florence, Jimmy and I stepped off the beat and path and randomly into a store that I swear is bewitched. Walking through the door was like stepping into a Harry Potter book, and the entire experience was unsettling (in a good way). I still can't quite figure out what this store was, but it sold handmade jewerly, weird energy machines were on display, and dusty "potion" bottles lined the walls. I even saw the "mad scientist" at work at his cluttered desk, and he never once glanced up at his browsing customers. After spotting him, I realized that if we were going to get killed on our trip, it could be in this exact building. After all, how does a place like this exist in an alleyway in Florence? Had we stepped into another dimension completely with no way of returning? After I got hold of my mind, I enjoyed the rest of our experience. It was fun to let my imagination run wild for a few minutes as I imagined stepping into the kind of world that only exists in the movies.

{unclear what this mechanism is}

{handmade crown rings}

{unassuming entrance}




  1. This looks like such a fun little spot! You two had such fabulous Italian adventures.
    xo Josie

  2. What a bizarre little store! Anytime I see a place like this that just doesn't make sense or fit in with the rest of the area, I always think it's a front for drugs. Gabe thinks I'm crazy, but I really believe that. haha!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. hmmm, at first I thought it was a pharmacy, but after seeing those crystal balls, I don't know, very hocus pocus!

  4. I love this! it really does look like the set of the film Hocus Pocus haha


  5. look funtastic!!!!