Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have arthritis. I've had it since I was 3, and while I've gone in and out of remission over the years, I am in another flare up. Perhaps it is the pain I'm experiencing in both my knees tonight that has compelled me to write about it. My blog is usually a place of positivity and fun, but I just don't have it in me tonight.

The thing people don't get about arthritis is that you do not have to be 60 or older to get it. If only I had a dollar for every person who looked at me in disbelief every time I told them I had this disease, I'd be rich. If I had a penny for every person who disregarded my disease and its effects on my immune system, I'd be richer. You see, it is a double edged sword. Because of my age and energy level, most days you'd never know I had bad knees. This is a blessing, and it could definitely be much worse. But at the same time, not being able to engage in certain activities or being " too tired" to do something often gets shrugged off. You see, arthritis affects the immune system, and I get rundown quick. This disease is frustrating at times, but it makes me who I am. And I will keep on keeping on.

Now if I can get my next wave of meds to start working, I'd be in business.