Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Surprising Skin Secrets

Environmental pollutants and harsh sun rays cause many health concerns. But I won't lie, my five-step skincare process is strictly in the name of vanity. I obsess over youthful skin and will do almost anything to maintain it. This weekend, I learned four new tricks about skincare from an expert, and here are the tips that surprised me.

(1) Take Bioflavonoids. Certain types of Vitamin C contain bioflavonoids which come from orange peels. This element increases capillary strength (reducing broken blood vessels on the face), and helps the overall appearance of skin. It is most useful in doses greater than 150 mg. Currently, I am taking Ester-C, a vitamin C rich in bioflavonoids (200 mg).

(2) Avoid Fluorescent Lighting. I thought that fluorescent lighting just made me look terrible, but it goes much deeper. UV light emits from certain fluorescent lights, which can lead to increased brown spots (aka Melasma) and other skin conditions. Check work and home and replace any fluorescent lighting.

(3) Use Tepid Water. Not only does hot water strip natural oils, it can increase broken capillaries. Only lukewarm water should touch your face . . . always.

(4) Toner Works. There are mixed reviews about toners, and therefore, I've always stayed away from them . . . until now. Have you ever splashed water on the mirror? When it dries, the white residue are chemicals and minerals, and they stay on your face. Only a toner wipes away the "invisible" residue and primes the skin for moisturizer.


  1. thanks for these tips!


  2. I have to find a good toner -- I know it's important to start early.
    xo Josie

  3. wow, didn't know that about fluoresecent lighting. ick! and i work 8 hours a day under fluoresecent lights!

    i also haven't used because i've heard mixed reviews. some experts say it's unnecessary and some say it's helpful. who really knows?

    i just try to keep my face moisturized and protected at all times. and i use a gently makeup remover (a concoction of baby shampoo, water and baby oil).

    thanks for the wonderful tips!

  4. :)
    I did not know that about Fluorescent lighting! eeekk they are everywhere!

    Also, sipping water with a bit of lemon juice keeps skin bright

  5. Good to know, Marcie! I've always had mixed feelings about toner too. Do you have a good one you use? I always love hearing your tips about skincare.


  6. Interesting...I really need to start caring better for my skin. Thanks for this!!!

  7. wow! so many good tips I'll have to bookmark it. I do have to be more careful with my skin - and 'meeting' people like you is definitely an inspiration. thx!

  8. this is all very interesting!! i have that vitamin c stuff that you take so i'm going to start having it daily as well. i wish i could avoid the lights but i work under them all day, every day, i have for the pst 9 years now! yikes!

  9. This post is so much appreciated. Love the simple do-daily tips, it helps a lot. Be beautiful, be healthy.

  10. I used to use toner regularly and then stopped... mostly out of laziness. I should start up again, huh? Very good point!