Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loads of Hope

"We wash, dry and fold the clothes for these families for free. Because, as we’ve learned, sometimes even the littlest things can make a big, big difference." Loads of Hope Team

If I could spend my time traveling for volunteer work, it would be with Tide's Loads of Hope. I am obsessed with fresh laundry and am an exclusive user of Tide; therefore, I was thrilled when I found out my #1 detergent came up with this genius and life changing model. Clean clothes is something most of us take for granted, but imagine not having access to this necessity. Loads of Hope is literally a moving laundromat that makes clean clothes accessible to victims of natural disasters, and it can do up to 300 loads per day! What is more inspiring than that?

Click here for an uplifting video.


  1. That is so neat, I hadn't heard of this before!

  2. How have I never heard of this charity? I love this idea!
    xo Josie

  3. Well, this is pretty much amazing. I'm so inspired by this! It's heartening to know that big companies are doing their part.

  4. This is so amazing, Marcie! What a genius concept and so inspiring. It's heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time.


  5. Whenever I see those commercials I always get choked up. I love that Tide cares!


  6. What a great cause and great t-shirts too! Plus I use Tide

  7. Love their commercials! It's so heartwrenching to think that sometimes it takes true disasters to realize how much you really do appreciate the Little things in life!