Friday, March 25, 2011

Food Friday: Rainy Day Comfort Food


With all the rain, I have been all about carbs this week. Warm tortellini and rice tacos have really kept me happy every night; however, greens are still essential. And as I've said before, you can't go wrong with spinach. So cozy up Californians and stock up the kitchen. It is going to be an "indoor" kind of weekend.




  1. That looks so, so, so yummy! :) I'm going to try that.

  2. YUM Marcie, those both sound delish!

  3. The tortellini sounds INCREDIBLE right now. Perfect for the freezing weather we've been having here!
    xo Josie

  4. Looks delish. Since I went skiing and O/D'ed on french cheese I have been trying to cut down on food - in general. But all I want to do is eat comfort food. What's going on?! It just calls my name... Lou xx

  5. I've been loading up on carbs this week too with all the rain and cold weather. I made a lasagna last night and I'm sure we'll be eating that leftover tonight as well. Your tortellini and tacos look fantastic, Marcie! I agree that I feel like I have to eat something green with dinner and spinach is the perfect addition. Hope you have a great indoor weekend!


  6. that looks soooo good. I've so failed as a chef this week is another week though!

  7. You are totally speaking my carb language. Despite the rigors of the 30 day shred a girl still has to eat in order to take it on. And of course there's the rain...will it ever end? I guess we should be grateful b/c come summer time it could warm up a lot.

    Have a great weekend!