Friday, February 4, 2011

Flashback Friday: 1999

I was a senior in high school when Varsity Blues hit the theater. It is still a favorite of mine, and I enjoyed watching it this week. I am still most attracted to Tweeder (something about those party boys) and the whip cream bikini scene just makes me laugh. This movie brought back great memories about how fun it was to be young and reckless. Now I am left wondering . . . how does time pass so fast? And what ever happened to James Van Der Beek?


  1. Oh, James Van Der Beek. The love of my life, honestly. I'm a Dawson's Creek addict myself and was always rooting for my boy Dawson over Pacey!
    xo Josie

  2. I loved Varsity Blues! I remember seeing it in the theater. I have it on DVD, it cracks me up.

  3. Ahhh James Van der Beek - I hearted him. Dawson's Creek was my fave. I am so nostalgic about all that now...funny isn't it, as at the time I didn't really realise it would come to define a moment in time for me! Lou x

  4. HAHA, WHAT did happen to James Van der Beek?? I loved this movie too, but haven't seen it in years. I might need to add it to my netflix list. Have a great weekend, Marcie!


  5. Oh James Van der Beek. I read something recently about him divorcing his wife of over 10 years, getting some girl pregnant and marrying her!! I think these soap operas really can play out in real life! AHAHA!!

    Have a great weekend, Marcie!

  6. Haha that movie was on tv last weekend and I had to watch a little!

    As for James Van der Beek - check out his website:)

    so funny!!!


  7. I have never seen this movie.

  8. James Van whatever was on One Tree Hill for a while? Do you watch that? It's so my guilty pleasure! I hope I can hang on to what it feels like to be young and wild, I want to try to understand what my kids are feeling when they are teenagers. It's already feeling like a lifetime ago and my kids are 3 and 1. Yikes. :)

  9. haha this movie was awesome, and I still like it too. Man definitely a flashback.