Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday: 1996

Isn't it funny how the same movie carries a different meaning as you go through different experiences in life? I had forgotten how great the love story was between George and Lace in Phenomenon. It is such a touching movie, much more so than when I first saw it at the age of 15. The music is incredible, especially Jewel's Have A Little Faith In Me and Crazy Love by Aaron Neville. I've been losing my thoughts in their melodies all week.


  1. I felt that way about seeing "St. Elmo's Fire" - I love when movies change for you over the years

  2. I love that movie and I Love taht scene! I also Love the soundtrack. Very Romantic movie.

  3. Id forgotten about that movie!

  4. I've never seen this movie... Although I suppose I was only 5 when it came out! I'll have to check it out.
    xo Josie

  5. I haven't seen this movie in ages, but I remember crying a lot during it. I'll have to watch it again soon. I totally know what you mean a out a movie seeming completely different when we watch it years later. Have a great weekend, Marcie!