Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pink Lavender

One amazing thing about the farm are the unobstructed views. This is something I took for granted growing up, but now that I am a city girl, I savor every moment I have on the open land. When the sky decides to display amazing colors, I have a front row seat. After a night of thick fog, I was happy to wake up to a clear pink and lavender sky. I rarely wake up at dawn but am grateful that the sheer anticipation of Christmas got me up early on this crisp and dewy morning. All was still and peaceful before the excitement of Christmas started.

*Note: Photos are not enhanced


  1. Wow how gorgeous! How neat to have a beautiful, natural place to escape from city life every now and then! Xo I hope you had an amazing Christmas!

  2. Those pictures are so gorgeous!

  3. Amazing! I am a bit jealous at the moment.

  4. Gorgeous! God is such a creative artist!
    It has been so cold here that our sunrises and sunsets have been that beautiful blue.

    I can see, from your previous post, why you couldn't resist those sweets- Oh My! YUM!!
    Enjoy your greens, :)

  5. how beautiful, i would love to live on a farm one day.

  6. Beautiful pictures!!! Me and my husband were just talking last night about wanting a farm. :)

  7. beautiful!
    I love gorgeous sky views of pink and lavender with a touch of citrus orange.
    When I purchased my house one of the top 5 items was that my house had to face West so i could watch the sun set!
    WIshing you a wonderful New Year!

  8. so so beautiful! indeed they say that the most precious things in life are for free ;)

  9. So gorgeous! See, nature does a better job than Photoshop ever could! XX!

  10. These pictures are unreal, Marcie. These colors are beautiful. Oh the perks of growing up on a farm.


  11. These photos are absolutely stunning, Marcie -- I know just what you mean about being able to take incredible photos on farms; ours is one of my favorite places to photograph.
    xo Josie