Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Closet Fast: Week 1

{how did I let it get like this?}

Let me start by saying that I love pretty photographs on blogs. Sadly, today we do not have any on Lemons and Laundry. Instead this is a practical post.

The Closet Fast began this week with a shoe cleanse. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I wasn't ready to see how out of control things are (stage 4 hoarder status). I rediscovered shoes that have lived in a box since we moved two years ago, and parted with those I no longer wear. What surprised me the most were a two things: (1) Shoes get grimey. Don't leave them in boxes for long periods of time; they need to breathe; and (2) Revitalized worn shoes with Dr. Scholl's Insoles. While this process was not glamorous, the shoe cleanse was a success.

{rediscovered friends - hello boots from 2006}

{the box swap: previously boxed shoes get a shelf and Jimmy's hats get a box}

{donation sacks starting to take form}


  1. and a success is always a good thing! so good for you to keep on cleaning and donating. congrats.

  2. I love closet cleaning! It feels so great after! I'm a new follower! Love your blog! xo

  3. I love closet cleaning because you ALWAYS find something you have been missing and then I feel like such a better person when I have a bag of old clothes to donate :). Love your blog!


  4. OMG.. getting rid of shoes is my ONE major kryptonite! i just CAN'T DO IT. the hubby is ALWAYS scolding me for it.. but you never KNOW when i might want to wear those!!! more power to you hunnie...

  5. Good job, Marcie! It looks so neat and organized now. Shoes do get so gross after a while, don't they? For me, my work shoes are the worst, maybe because I wear them the longest. Yes, I did get a new camera! Gabe got me one for Christmas. It's the Canon Powershot S95 and I'm loving it but still trying to figure out how to use it. It's been really fun so far!


  6. Very interesting. I didn't know shoes needed to breathe...I have tons living in boxes right now. But I really have no other place for them to go. Need....more....closet....space!!! Ahhhh!!

    I'm new here...found you via Ashley plus 3. I was intrigued because I grew up on a farm....and really miss it. So peaceful...it's where I go when I need to escape. We don't even get cell service...and it's wonderful!!!

  7. Marcie,

    Can I just say I love you right now?? I am totally trying not to pee my pants laughing at the first few sentences of this post. Stage 4 hoarder status looks to be quite dangerous!

    Good for you on releasing some shoes and re-organizing your space. Looks great!!


  8. awesome! you're inspiring me to clean my own closet!

    xo Alison