Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shoe Love

Shoe Love

From left to right starting with the top row
Christian Louboutin $495
Diane Von Furstenberg $295
Christian Louboutin $895
Manolo Blahnik $945
See by Chloe $235
Tory Burch $277
Christian Louboutin $595
Jimmy Choo $375
Tory Burch $150
(Good to know I have cheap taste)

I am always looking for an excuse to buy shoes. Every time I walk into a store, I beeline it for the shoe section because I am most confident there. I know what I like and can decide in 30 seconds if the latest trend is going to work for me. I am on my feet all week, so I usually wear flats. That said, I love a great heel with a dress, and I love wedges for the summer.

I was thrilled when Life is a Runway tagged me in Shoe Love. The rules are to list seven of my favorite shoes. I've decided to imagine that I was just given an unlimited budget to purchase seven pairs of shoes, but I couldn't stop so I picked nine! After looking at my list, I think it is clear I need a pair of Christian Louboutins (Jimmy, I hope you are reading).

My shoes will live here . . .

or here . . . .

These ladies are my go to fashion bloggers, and I'd love to see what is on their list.

Valerie at Red Vines for Breakfast
Mara at M loves M
Taylor at Sterling Style
Marie at ***All Things Marie***


  1. Oh lordy your a girl after my own heart. I go straight for the shoe section and I've usually stared at them for weeks online before I ever get to the store. I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to let me have a room full of shoes... it's not working! Thanks for posting things to make me drool.

    <a href="</a> Ramblings of a Small Town Girl</a>

  2. I like your picks!:D Thanks for tagging me, Marcie!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. I LOVE those DVF ones!! Like to an insane degreeeeee, I want. And yes, I've dreamed my whole life of having a closet like that!

  4. Marcie! It's time for you to get what you want! The Louboutins are worth every.single.penny. I can't get them off my feet and the Chef's on board with this one too.

    When Jimmy gets that shoe closet built for you plz do post a picture. I'll make sure and put a helmet on first in case I pass right out on the spot!

  5. Ooooh, the DVF wedges! The Tory Burch Revas! The Chloe wedges! I'm dying. I need a shoe room. And I do mean "need." Thanks for feeding my ridiculous obsession, my dear!
    xo Josie

  6. Oh my God how amazing are those shoes and shoe closets! I want to get a pair of nude Louboutins. I'm impressed that you can decide so quickly!

  7. Ohh I've been obsessed with several of those pairs for awhile now! I have 2 pairs of Tory Burch flats and they are LOVE.

  8. Oh dear, those Tory Burch booties are love at first site!

  9. That is a great idea...I love your selection and those wedges are to die for:)
    How great would be to have a shoes closet like that? Hmm...Sweet!
    Kisses sweetie

  10. My jaw dropped reading this. I love all your choices of shoes, but then reading on, I'm in awe of these shoe closets. Amazing!

  11. I feel your's hard having great taste! Those DVF wedges are by far my favorite shoes I've seen lately. Ad if you're flats kinda girl, definitely invest in a pair of Revas. You'll wear them allllll the time! Although I must warn you, I don't find them to be extremely comfortable although others swear they feel great all day. Anyway, great picks!

    xo- Lovely B.

  12. I'd love a pair of Loubs myself. For now the Marshalls Mega Shoe shop will have to do. ; )

  13. Ahhh....I love shoes and I loved looking at your choices!!! Those DVF shoes are AMAZING!!! :D

  14. What a great post, Marcie! Thanks for tagging me! I absolutely love all the shoes on your list, I'll probably have a really similar list of my own. I was actually just searching for the perfect nude pump for Gabe to get me for my upcoming birthday and was going to do a post about it. And the Christian Louboutin pair you posted was at the top of my list! You have great taste!


  15. What is it about shoes that always lift my spirits? This post included!

  16. I've had my eye on those DVF wedges for some time now...I'm thinking they need to go on sale soon!

    Great picks!

  17. I LOVE shoes!! Can't get enough!
    <3 Cara
    PS. Come check out the fabulous giveaway on my blog!

  18. If I that many shoes I wouldn't need to go out at all. Ok maybe just to show off my shoes!! Love the Louboutins and the Tory Burch flats

  19. Oh, poor Jimmy! LOl!
    Shoes,why do the oh so beautiful ones cost soooo much! We are in the wrong business!
    Marcie, thank you sooo much for following my new blog, you are such a great bloggie frined! I just adore you!

  20. I love the blog!! And shoes... love them too!

  21. great post!
    i knew you would love this one.

  22. I love all of those shoes and would die for a closet like those!

  23. I heart all things with red soles and Chloe.

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