Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Women Who Inspire: Clothing Designer

Designer Bianca Figueroa (middle)

Soy-Cotton Organic-Spandex Braided Maxi $92

Hemp and Recycled Poly "Jellyfish" Skirt $80

Soy-Organic Cotton-Spandex Racerback $80

Hemp-Silk Jacquard Summer Dress $105

Hemp and Recycled Indigo Short $64
Organic Cotton Twill Western Shirt $67

Organic Cotton Twill Flare Pant $72

Bianca Figueroa
is the designer of the beautiful clothing line Lovely Planet. What I love about this line is that not only are the clothes gorgeous, they are eco-friendly! It is refreshing to hear that Bianca's beliefs contradict the typical fashion mind-set, which is to have a lot, wear it once, and keep up with the trends. She believes in the 3 R's: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Q: How did you choose the name Lovely Planet?
A: I chose Lovely Planet because I wanted it to be recognized as an eco line. Lovely Planet conveys what we want the earth to be; bountiful, green and abundant. The name itself refers to the earth in a positive way, which I love.

Q: How would you describe the line?
A: Lovely Planet is an environmentally responsible eco clothing label. All of the textiles we use are made from renewable resources such as bamboo, hemp, silk, soy and organic cotton as well as recycled polyester.

Q: What inspires your designs?
A: I am inspired by the laid back California lifestyle. I like simple lines and comfortable fabrics. I wanted to create a collection that is classic and sustainable. Having a green wardrobe does not mean you have to wear potato sacks; it can be extremely sexy. I am a firm believer that one should build a wardrobe that is wearable time and again and cannot be dated.

Q: Why did you choose an eco friendly line?
A: I wanted to be part of the shift toward a more mindful, environmentally and socially responsible way of living. I decided to do something that I love and not leave such a heavy carbon footprint. Basically, I wanted to join the movement toward living a green life. I believe strongly in being a socially responsible member of the community, especially through volunteerism. I wanted what I do for a living to be good for me and others and the planet. I also believe we can make a huge difference in improving our own lifestyles and hopefully those that come after us, by making small changes and smart decisions.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to enter the fashion industry?
A: First step in starting a business would be to make sure there is a need or demand for your product and that it sets itself apart from others like it. There are a lot of really great ideas out there but if you can't sell your product you are not going to survive. Before I started Lovely Planet I took several business courses and read many books. My two favorites are Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Your Own Business and The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing (this book is a gem- you need to own it if you are starting a clothing company).


  1. Everything looks soft and pretty! What a great Designer!

  2. These looks are gorgeous.
    I love how you spotlight a designer! I had never heard of Lovely Planet before, but now Im glad that I do!



  3. Beautiful selection. I love the Organic Cotton-Spandex Racerback...How beautiful!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your blog...so cute!
    I hope to see you again:)

  4. Beautiful stuff!!!! Love that light blue maxi dress!!!! :)

  5. These are amazing! I especially love the brown racerback dress. And how cool that they're eco-friendly! Did we go to high school with her??? I'm in awe, great post!!!


  6. it looks so classy and comfy and so wearable, really like it!

  7. Love it.


  8. I would wear all of it. It all looks so comfy & easy :)

  9. Love that jellyfish skirt.


  10. Awesome post Marcie...

    Thank you for the introduction of Bianca's fabulous and eco friendly fashion line.

    I am loving the maxi dress, skirt, shorts and flare pants.


  11. thanks for coming by... the Soy-Organic Cotton-Spandex Racerback dress looks fantastic... =) so cool!!!