Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1 Magazine - 100 Beauties

Maxim Magazine's top 100 came out yesterday. For the record, I don't read Maxim, but I am always interested in the top 100 list. Below is a list of the top 10 beauties. I was excited to see such a diverse group of beautiful and talented ladies. Any thoughts?

10. Marisa Miller

I love that she is from California and in her 30s!
I have seen her in person, and she is a natural beauty.

9. Kim Kardashian

Her curves and dark features are a refreshing change from the
typical blonde stick skinny model.

8. Olivia Munn

She is a natural. Her hazel eyes are stunning.

7. Elisabetta Canalis

George Clooney isn't the only one who recognizes this beauty.

6. Rihanna

A breathtaking image of self respect and dignity.

5. Megan Fox

Dark hair, blue eyes, full lips, enough said.

4. Blake Lively

I love her young, fresh, California look.

3. Zoe Saldana

I read somewhere that she used to get made fun of for her slender frame.
Who's laughing now?

2. Brooklyn Decker
She was last year's Sports Illustrated cover. No shock here.

1. Katy Perry

I am so excited she is #1. Her vintage style and edgy vibe rocks!


  1. Kind of surprised to see Katy Perry at #1! Good choices!

  2. My favorite is definitely Marisa. She should be higher than #10, but at least she made the cut. :) Great girls here.

  3. Yay for Kim Kardashian!!! I think she is so beautiful! She rocks her curves so well. Brooklyn Decker went to high school with my brother so it's cool that she has gotten so popular!

  4. Love Blake Lively! and KimK!


  5. Wow some of these are kind of surprising and make me wonder if they were really chosen by men??!! But I am glad to see Kim and Marissa on the list!

  6. What a great mix of girls! Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you did, great to meet you!
    Take care

  7. I totally love the Maxim 100. And FHM. It's always interesting to see. So surprising that Katy Perry is #1. Love it! :)

  8. Love Zoe Saldana. These ladies are gorg. Love seeing this!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  9. I wont lie I didn't see #1 coming! She is gorgeous though so I don't see why not. Is it just me or does she remind you of Zoey Deschanel?


  10. Number 10 and number 1 are my favs...I'm quite impressed with the whole list actually.

  11. That picture of Katy Perry is so cute! Love that she made number 1!

  12. Love the fact that Katy Perry is #1! I was a little surprised to see Rihanna on the list... but then again I'm not a huge fan :) Hazel

    PS Love the blog

  13. I am so pathetic! I honestly do not know who half these people are! LOL, I need to watch more tv! I do like Katy Perry, though, she is so cool. I have a Radio One cd of her doing a cover of "Electric Feel" by MGMT and it rocks! XO!

  14. I agree with Rachael in that Katy reminds me of Zooey here! :) My bf reads (reads?) Maxim too and I love going through the girls' pictures to see who's where! :)

    Cute blog! Following you!

    Tamanna from French Leave

  15. I'm totally shocked at this list! Katy Perry is great but she's SO made up all the time. Love Blake, Zoe, and Marissa though.

  16. all pretty ladies. love marissa for the same reasons.


  17. I love this post!! I also am always interested in who is rated as the top 100. It's just fun to read! I love Zoe and Blake!! They are my faves! I am definitely surprised to see Katy at the top though!

  18. Love Marissa, Kim, and Blake. And yes, Katy and Zooey do look alike. If Katy is on the list then Zooey should be too. Just sayin.

    Chasing Beauty

  19. Blake and Marissa are two of my favorites, both are so beautiful! Thanks for updating me on the list, I had not read this!

  20. Honestly, I think personality goes a long way when it comes to beauty... just because some of the girls that made the list are gorgeous on the outside doesn't necessarily mean they're the same way on the inside.... that effects my perception of beauty big time! There are a few girls on this list that don't seem all that pretty personality-wise... although I don't know any of them personally, of course. ;)

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that beauty is only skin deep. Yes these women are beautiful, but I like to see a woman that's beautiful for her life, her spirit, her heart....

    ...Gack - I sound like such a hippie right now! Haha! Truth though. ;)

  21. Girl, why do they have to look so hot?? We should be on that list ;-)

  22. Wow, that is quite a varied list. I am surprised to see Katy Perry at no.1....I like her but wouldn't put her at no.1....but then I am not a 25 year old guy, which is what I am guessing the average Maxim reader is LOL!!

    Blake Lively looks fabulous, I have noticed she wears that colour a lot, it is so good on her.

    Kim Kardashian is an interesting choice too!

    And Megan Fox, ugh, I can't stand her! I thought she was all surgery and fake-ness....nothing attractive about that, to me anyway!!

    Men are such interesting creatures LOL!!


  23. I adore Katy Perry but this list is making me feel bad about myself...need to hit the gym STAT

  24. It's so funny, I'm exactly the same way about Maxim top 100, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and People's 50 most Beautiful People. I never get tired of reading about beautiful people! Marissa Miller is amazing, she's one of my favorites.