Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why Lemons and Laundry?

I needed something that was fresh, vibrant and fun, but I also needed something that was warm, safe and comfortable.

Lemons because they smell amazing, their vibrant color is uplifting, and they add a zing to even a simple glass of cold water.

because it takes me back to my childhood summer days on the farm. I can still smell the the fresh laundry scent being carried through the house by the warm summer breeze. I am not a domestic goddess, but I will do laundry anytime. The smell of fresh laundry brightens even my grumpiest days.


  1. LOVE this Marcie! XOXO, Erinn.

  2. Hey Marcie! I love this site <3 Jenna oxo

  3. Love it! I am on a Lemon Kick, your blog is fresh, vibrant and fun! I am glad to have found it!

  4. :)
    Had to smile at the laundry. I save laundry day for when I am down, because it cheers me up too! Don't know why but it does!

  5. Hello~
    Thanks for visiting my 'place'!
    Love your title and the reasoning behind it. Your intention totally worked. The second I clicked on your profile and saw the title, I thought of both 'fun' and 'comfortable'...maybe those exact terms weren't in my head, but you get the point.
    I hope:).

  6. Oh, how funny! I having been visiting my special girls first blog posts, and I already have commented on yours :)
    I am so glad you started your blog, the name of your blog lured me in,and you Marcie keep me comming back!
    Big Smooch