Wednesday, April 28, 2010

White Wednesday

I was excited when Emily Post declared wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day a thing of the past. I am attracted to everything that is white. My car is white, my bedroom is white, my winter coat is white, and I have a million white tops. I bet you can't guess my favorite dress color. I think a white dress exudes class and elegance. During every red carpet event, my pick for the best dressed always ends up to be a woman in white.

Do you still abide by the former "no white after Labor Day" rule?

Katie looks perfect here. This is my favorite dress.

Sophisticated and elegant

My favorite Cameron look.

Soft and feminine

Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn- classic beauties


  1. OMG these dresses are GORGEOUS...esp like the first one!


  2. I love white so much, too! That top pic looks a little bit like my wedding dress, I had a blue satin sash (it wasn't too Sound of Music!). I wear white in winter, sure, wool or cashmere, even white jeans are fine, I think. Depends on the material!

  3. I love little white dresses. The second one is HOT.


  4. that top dress is stunning!
    i'm so glad i dropped by!
    thankyou for sharing! x

  5. nope not me! i wear white all year round. nothing's better than a white winter outfit :)

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog. i'm glad that i've been introduced to yours and i look forward to following along (i'm your newest follower)

    Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  6. I like white a lot but tend to spill whenever I wear it! I do love a pretty white bedroom, though -- I think it's because I get the image of sleeping on a cloud.
    xxoo Josie

  7. I completely agree about white dresses, Marcie. And that one Cameron's wearing is gorgeous. I wear white year round, but I always wonder if people are judging me. Ha!


  8. Wow! Love that first dress that K. Holmes is wearing! Her hair looks amazing there too! Great white pics! :)

  9. I love white too!! So pretty and clean looking!! I love Cameron in that dress! It is stunning!

  10. The Katie dress is divine! You could wear it at any age. Do you now who it's by? Thank you for your kind words Marcie. Good to meet you xx

  11. I love white. I have tons of it. White shorts, skirts, tops. You name it. I even wear white while I'm camping. You know since I could just bleach it if it gets dirty. ;)

    Just found your blog. Glad I did. I'm a new follower. :)

    Btw... I have a new GIVEAWAY!
    cluster necklace giveaway

  12. I adore white dresses - especially against a summer tan! There's something undeniably classic about a crisp white dress and I absolutely love Katie's look here!

  13. Love white dresses! And Audrey Hepburn :)

  14. I love white dresses too, I only wish they looked as good on me as they do the celebs! When I think of a white dress I always remember the dress that Eva Mendes wore with the stunning turquoise necklace! So gorgeous!

  15. I feel the need for a classic white dress now. Those pics are gorgeous!

  16. Ooh, I am loving all of these white dresses you've chosen, especially the first one.

    Have a great weekend. ^-^